Become a Volunteer Advocate today

We are looking for good listeners aged over 50 with some knowledge of cancer related issues who want to help people take control of their lives. Our professional staff provide training, regular support and expenses. Ideally we’d need a flexible time commitment of between two to four hours weekly.

Our volunteer advocates have personal experience of cancer. They are specially trained, supervised and supported and will:

  • Give time and listen
  • Offer support and understanding
  • Find relevant information and explain it
  • Help individuals make choices
  • Help people speak up
  • Look into practical support

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer advocate then please contact Juanita Williams, you can call on 0121 520 8070 or email at

We also recognise the additional needs of those from Black and Minority Ethnic and Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual and Trans communities. We aim to be fully inclusive and especially welcome the contribution and involvement of volunteers from these communities.

"I have had a big operation and I am alone; I didn't think I was being listened to. Richard came along and helped me through it all and I will always be very grateful for that."

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