Volunteers week celebration

Fun and games

On Thursday 2nd June the Sandwell Advocacy team hosted a celebratory event to show their thanks to their volunteer advocates.  The volunteers were joined by management team and staff at a local restaurant where they were treated to a meal.   Once they had finished eating their buffet style meals from around the world they were awarded with certificates from Sandwell Advocacy and OPAAL to thank them for all their hard work.

This was followed by an entertaining quiz from Paddy Elmore, one of the long standing SCOPA advocates.  Questions ranged from current every day celebratory news to local and national general knowledge.  The winning team were presented with SCOPA pens and note pads and were photographed to mark the occasion.

A good time was had by all.  Marie Fullwood, who only recently joined the team said “I was totally surprised to receive this certificate and I can’t wait to take it home to show my family.”

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