Our Local Cancer Champions Board (LCCB)

The Local Cancer Champions Board (LCCB) is a collective of representatives from a variety of clinical, health and social care backgrounds together with older people affected by a diagnosis of cancer.

This fusion of people, experiences and organisations will provide the Project deliverers with invaluable breadth and depth of knowledge, creativity and experience.

The purpose of the LCCB is to bring together a range of individuals in order to:

  • Provide support in promoting and publicising the work of the Project.
  • Provide guidance and advice on the general strategic direction of the Project.
  • Provide specific strategic recommendations for the successful delivery of the project as required.
  • Through a range of strategies, seek to secure the longer term sustainability of the SCOPA Project.
  • Share the learning and outcomes of the Project amongst the broadest range of beneficiaries and users.
  • Ensure that relevant information regarding the Project is disseminated as broadly as possible at local, regional and national levels.
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