We can help

Individuals can contact us themselves or ask someone else to get in touch on their behalf.

A member of our team will support you in your own home or a place of your choice to find out what difficulties you are facing and together we will find a way forward.

  • We aim to support individuals to make informed choices and decisions about treatment and care.
  • We can find out what they need to know, attend medical appointments and find out what practical help is available locally.
  • We are here for anyone who is aged 50 or over who has been affected by cancer, either as a patient or family member, friend or carer.

We can help with those things individuals are worried about allowing them to focus on their health and well-being, particularly if they are feeling unwell and undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment.

"That word, cancer, has so much stigma attached to it...if you have someone there to hold your hand through it, who knows is, it allays so much of the fear and stress."
Older People's Cancer Voices volunteer, 2015

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